When you are born you are potential.

When you are born you are potential.

You feel but have no means to understand those feelings.

Understanding requires and awaits the acquisition of a symbol set such as language.

Once we acquire language we have the tools to describe to ourselves what we experience.

Hence our primary experience is of non-symbolic feelings and emotions.

This is the stuff upon which all else is built.

Our primary maps of the world are built out of feelings and emotions.

To study and understand this primary map making process you can watch and study infants or animals.

Animals remain on the level of feelings and emotions and manage to survive and thrive without the aid of any symbol systems.

Even when we acquire complex symbol systems and the skill to use them, our first and primary mode of being is on the silent level of feelings and emotions.

Our first maps of the Territory are non-symbolic.

Language and language processing is always a secondary mental process, it is never the primary one.

Our elaborate symbol systems to describe and explain the workings of the Territory are always mere finite static attempts to describe something that is really all happening on a non-symbolic dynamic fluid undifferentiated continuous infinite level.

William James called this “the buzzing blooming confusion”.

The baby, assailed by eyes, ears, nose, skin, and entrails at once, feels it all as one great blooming, buzzing confusion; and to the very end of life, our location of all things in one space is due to the fact that the original extents or bignesses of all the sensations which came to our notice at once, coalesced together into one and the same space. There is no other reason than this why "the hand I touch and see coincides spatially with the hand I immediately feel." [William James, The Principles of Psychology, 1890, chapter XIII, Discrimination and Comparison, ]