What is a ‘pragmatic orienting system’?

Good question. Let me explain.

To begin with let’s break it down. Take the word ‘pragmatic’. It is there to invoke the writing’s and ideas of William James. James was an American thinker and psychologist who wrote during the mid to late 1800’s. His book Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking was first published in 1907.

His core idea was that we hold to beliefs and ideas because they work and they do work for us. They make a difference in what we do and how we live. Ideas are practical and useful and those that we find impractical and don’t find any use for them we ignore or abandon.

Truth is what works.

It is that simple.

An orienting system is a tool. Three of the most common orienting tools are the compass, the clock and its companion the calendar. Together these three tell us where we are in space and time and help us to recall where we were in space and time. They point the way.

My system is a practical set of tools to point the way. They can help you examine your other beliefs and ideas and to do the same with any new ones you encounter as well. I’ll explain how this system works in a later blog. Stay tuned.

First posted on August 2nd 2016. Re-posted October 23 2016