Maps, Map Making, Map Makers and the Territory

Maps, Map Making, Map Makers and the Territory

I am building off a relationship that Alfred Korzybski described in his 1933 book Science and Sanity. I am talking of a metaphor that describes our relationship with ourselves and the world we live in and encounter. His terms were maps and territory.

I have turned his term territory into an extended metaphor and I call it the Territory.

The Territory includes all non-symbolic objects and living entities and the interactions of those objects and living entities. We, humans as biological physical beings are part of the Territory.

The Territory is dynamic, continuous, and interactive.

The interaction of non-symbolic objects and living entities create events.

Our internal ‘world’ feelings, emotions, and maps interact as result of our living in the Territory and are themselves part of the Territory as far as we are concerned.

We create maps to attempt to describe, comprehend, and understand the Territory.

Maps are symbols and symbolic systems.

Maps are finite and static.

The Territory is infinite.

We can abstract from the Territory a potential infinite amount of data in the process of creating our maps.

Therefore we need an unending amount of finite static maps to attempt to deal with the infinite data that is available to us concerning our living in and encountering the Territory.

Therefore to attempt to understand any single object, entity and or event, we could theoretically abstract an almost infinite amount of data from the available infinite data set.

Therefore we need an almost infinite number of maps to understand anything.

We are only finite beings who think in finite static manner who feebly attempt to make our maps of the infinite dynamic, fluid reality called the Territory.

Our maps will never be adequate or anywhere enough.