This site will explain and explore my Pragmatic Orienting Philosophy.

My system was developed over time and it was influenced and inspired by what I read. I will mention and present some of those authors and their writings on this site.

Two thinkers I want to single out are Alfred Korzybski and William James, from whose writings I borrowed some key tools.

A way to understand your self and where you come from. Once you have insight into who you are you, what ideas shaped you, what things and people from your past and from the culture you were raised in you will have insights into your unconscious biases which perhaps now can be brought into the light of conscious awareness.

You need to know where you came from and where you are now to figure out how to find your way towards where you are going.

Some of my orienting tools are the following inter-related continua:







internal reality—external reality

non-Aristotelian logic—Aristotelian logic

abstract terms—concrete terms

This was first posted on August 1 2016